1. Interview Preparation (here)

This document provides insight into the interview process and different styles of questioning, including what interviewers are really asking and looking for in the questions they ask. This document also provides formats and ideas for documents you should bring into an interview so you are as prepared as possible.

2. Questions to ask in an Interview (here)

Have you ever blanked during an interview? We created this document as a reference to help you remember to ask the questions that will make you stand out from the rest!

3. How to Thrive in a Phone Interview (here)

Helpful tips, tricks and questions to ask when engaging in a phone interview.

4. GIS Fact Sheet

This fact sheet details who we are, what we have done, and how we can help you find the best executive support staff to accomplish your goals!

5. 2016 EA Salary Survey

This document is a great tool to assess how competitive your offer is and see how it compares to market trends. We have compiled this information from Executive Assistants in San Francisco and the Peninsula in both the technology and finance industries in 2016.

6. 2016 Senior EA Compensation

A complete compensation breakdown of the senior Executive Assistants that we placed in 2016.

7. EA Interview Questions (here)

These are questions we have seen employers ask during an interview for an Executive Assistant position. We recommend that candidates review this information before heading into an interview to maximize their chances at success.

8. GIS Interview Preparation Worksheet (download here)

We have found this document to be extremely helpful in enhancing candidates’ long-term memory during an interview. Employers enjoy hearing about your accomplishments, successful projects and improved operational efficiencies, and this exercise will aid in keeping those details fresh in your mind.

9. 2016 PA Salary Survey

Our Personal Assistant Salary Survey is a great tool to assess how competitive your offer is and see how it stacks up against market trends. This information has been compiled from Personal Assistants in San Francisco and the Peninsula ranging from 0 to 24 years of experience to compare all aspects of their total compensation.